Ritawiyati Ritawiyati, Sri Maryanti, Muhammad Thamrin


In Lembah Sari village, Rumbai Peisisir Subdistrict, Pekanbaru city is an area where
most of the population is farming, gardening, fishing, and home business. Based on
data from the kecamatan 2017 BPS, the most extensive land in the Rumbai Pesisir
sub-district is the valley sari village area compared to other village villages. With the
use of vacant land in the area, the community wants to cultivate land for agriculture,
ponds and livestock. Based on interviews with the chairman of GAPOKTAN, not all
land is vacant, farmers can use it, because some of the vast land is owned by
several people which is only for investment in the form of land without thinking to be
utilized. while some farmer groups in the area expect to be able to manage and
cultivate the land and can produce the expected yields, in this case one that is an
obstacle to the interest of members of farmer groups to be active in their activities,
which eventually from some farmer groups is inactive and entrepreneurial spirit in
management business is lacking, even there is no motivation to manage the farmer
group well. The research objective was to find out and explore the potential and
entrepreneurial motivation of Gapoktan Lestari Sejahtera LembahSari Village. The
research method used is descriptive method with an internal factor approach and
external factors in entrepreneurship. Types and sources of data used primary and
secondary data. The results of the study, based on the Integrated Entrepreneurship
Internal Factors of Sustainable Farmers Group, that courage, hard work, courage in
facing business risks, the results strongly agree in the sense that members of farmer
groups have an entrepreneurial spirit to be able to develop their business while the
leadership ability and capital are less supportive this is because in terms of formal
education the category of most members of farmer groups is elementary and junior
high school. From formal education can influence the mindset in entrepreneurship
and communication. Based on the results of research from External
Entrepreneurship factors, both support from the family, friends, village officials are
very encouraging and well motivated regarding the existence of the Sustainable
Farmers Group Joint business activities in Lembahsari Village.


Entrepreneurship; motivation

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