ANALISIS SALURAN PEMASARAN PRODUK SUSU BUBUK KEDELAI (Studi Kasus: Industri Sumber Gizi Nabati, Pekanbaru)

Shorea Khaswarina ', Evy Maharani ', Annisa Zada Nugroho


This study aims to analyze the efficiency of marketing channels product soybean
milk. Research location named Industri SGN at Seminai Ujung street, Pekanbaru.
The method used is descriptive and analytical methods margin, profit, marketing
efficiency and share price received by producent of the milk marketing. There are
two marketing channels soy milk powder in the Industri SGN. Marketing agencies
involved in the first channel that the agent/distributor and a regular outlet, while in
the second channel the industry in cooperation only with the agent. The farmer’s
share in each channel is the same at 65,71% because the industry sells a product at
the same price. Marketing margin in the first and second channel each in the
amount of Rp 12,000,-. Marketing efficiency in the first channel of 7,62%, while the
second channels is equal to 11.14% and this channel is more efficient because the
channels is short and profit received by the agent is greater.

Keywords: Marketing channels, marketing efficiency, and soybean

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